This exhibition is not only about thinking about what we have lost, but what we should preserve. It’s about the spirit that built those buildings.

Mario Coyula, urban planner and critic.

The Havana Revisited exhibition highlights how successfully Havana’s important buildings are being restored to their previous appearance. Especially noteworthy are the Spanish colonial buildings of Old Habana such as the Governor General’s Palace with its interior courtyard dominated by a statue of Christopher Columbus .

Schedule an Exhibition

The exhibition, packed in metal crates with wheels, is ready to ship immediately.

Community Outreach

  • The exhibition invites programming related to current events in Cuba, as well as architecture, urban planning, Latin American studies and colonial history.
  • Cathryn Griffith is available to provide lectures and tours of the exhibition, and to lead trips to explore Cuba with knowledgeable English-speaking Cuban guides.

Exhibition Components

  • Thirty (30) framed works, each containing an enlarged reproduction of a historic picture postcard from the early 1900s coupled with a digital photograph of the same location, in a frame measuring 17.25″ wide x 21.25″ high.
  • A map of Havana dated 1853, illustrating the layout of the colonial city and its important buildings, provided as a digital file to be printed 23″ wide x 18.5″ tall.
  • A current map of Havana, which serves as a guide to the buildings, streets and parks, provided as a digital file to be printed 41″ wide x 23″ tall.
  • A selection of original antique picture postcards, suitable for display cases, along with text describing the evolution of postcard design.
  • A 20-minute video, subtitled in English and Spanish, featuring the late Mario Coyula, one of Cuba’s most prominent architects, urban planners and critics, discussing the challenges facing Havana’s urban planners.

Exhibition Requirements

  • Approximately 100 linear feet of wall space, display cases for antique postcards and set-up for audio-video (if used)
  • Booking period: Eight weeks or longer

Companion Book

Havana Revisited: An Architectural Heritage, a 240-page book published by W. W. Norton, includes 350 illustrations and commentary by renowned architects, historians, scholars, preservationists and urban planners in Cuba and the United States. Two copies of the book are provided with the full exhibition. Additional copies are available at a discount for resale.

All images © Cathryn Griffith
All rights reserved