I would like to greet with ringing bells our good American friend Cathryn Griffith whose images express her affection for our beloved Havana. There is a special relationship between her work and this endearing feeling.

Eusebio Leal Spengler, Historian of the City of Havana


Artist and photographer Cathryn Griffith has worked tirelessly to document the history, preservation, and present uses of Havana’s most important buildings and urban spaces.

Her projects are based on years of exhaustive research and investigation in the United States and Cuba, where she has traveled many times and made thousands of photographs since 2003.

Cathryn’s book juxtaposes historical colored postcard images of Havana with recent digital color photographs of the same views, and includes essays by leading architects, historians and urban planners in Cuba and the United States.

Cathryn’s personally led trips enable small groups to learn about life in Cuba through meaningful cultural interactions with musicians, artists, scholars and ordinary Cubans, through visits to museums, schools and monuments, and also through exploring the country’s acclaimed natural beauty.

Cathryn’s exhibitions capture the richness of this former Spanish colonial city, where one can see the finest and most extensive examples of colonial architecture in the Americas. The juxtaposition of historical postcard images of Havana with recent photographs of the same view enables the viewer to see details of the city’s architectural landscape.

Cathryn’s talks bring the audience into the front seat, to look at Cuba’s history and at some of the rapid and dramatic changes taking place now in this utterly unique country.

All images © Cathryn Griffith
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